HIP Habits Freebie: Smart with your Smartphone

hip habits freebie smartphone habits

Here is your download! All you need to do is click the photo above or the link below – and you will be able to download the four weeks of smartphone habits.

HIP Habits Smartphone Freebie

Do you struggle with creating a healthy relationship with your phone and social media?

Insert the ‘Smart with Your Smartphone’ HIP habits worksheets.

In this FREE four-week challenge, you will learn ways to take control over your phone – so it’s not controlling you.

The HIP Habits workpages will walk you through four weeks of smartphone habits. First, we’ll start with a digital detox. I’ll help you set parameters that work for you.

Next, you’ll learn how to set boundaries and what questions to ask yourself to make sure these boundaries benefit your life.

In week 3, you’ll learn about how to curate your social media feeds to make sure they give you exactly what you want when you log on.

We’ll wrap up with a challenge to turn off your notifications.

If you’d like to continue with more habits when these four weeks of habits are over – go here.