About Me

Hi! I’m Danielle Craig.

I am a mom of two boys, wife, Emmy-award winning journalist – and most recently a recovering pessimist.

Telling stories is part of who I am. When I was too young to know the ABC’s I filled notebook after notebook with scribbles. It evolved to a journal with pictures. Now, as a journalist I tell stories of the people in my community.

There’s a lot of pain in this life – missing children, horrific diagnoses, financial woes.

Somehow, in the pain, I have met and interviewed so many incredible people who have found joy. I’ve stared at people in wonder with my jaw dropped to the ground, questioning how they’re able to pick themselves up from the worst of times.

This as a paper cut can get me down. Okay, not a paper cut – but rowdy children, a dirty house, the world’s longest to-do list.

In this life, in the monotony of this life, it can be hard to find joy.

Those people I’ve interviewed, going through the worst, have been able to find joy through compassion, community and God. Surely, I can do the same.

I’ve created this blog and podcast to do just that. It’s a place where you can come on your best day, your worst day – and all the days in between – to be lifted up. Here we will come together to rise up together, stop treading the water that is life and enjoy the moments before it’s too late.

We have one life to enjoy. Let’s get started.

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