The Pandemic Has Made Us Stronger

We have now made it through one full year of the pandemic.

I want to share five skills we’ve been forced to grow and learn throughout the past year – really how the pandemic has made us stronger.

Often times we become stronger in the face of loss.

“And Also”

Right after the pandemic began, I talked with Michelle Pierson Young on the Happiness in Progress podcast. I shared with her what happened to me in 2017 – my miscarriage, my son’s hospitalized three times and my husband’s heart stopping.

Although that year was unbelievably hard, I grew in that year.

After telling Michelle my story, she said “and also.”

Because the pain of that story was not the end of my story. Often times in pain we grow, we learn, we evolve, we become better versions of the person we were yesterday – because we know more, we understand more, because who we are and what we’ve understood is possible in the world expands.

Today, I want to talk about the “and also” things we’ve learned.

You can hear how the pandemic has made us stronger by listening to this episode.

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