The Impact of Quarantine Fatigue & How to Overcome It

The impact of quarantine fatigue is real and we are seeing it have an impact on more than just our mental wellbeing, but also physical, emotional, financial and more.

“If you are experiencing things that are not normally like you – like you’re appetite is different, if your mood is different, if you’re having these thoughts and feelings that you don’t normally have – to know that it’s not just because there’s this virus going around – it’s because it’s impacting your mental, physical, emotional wellbeing.” – Melissa Dumaz
This podcast episode is packed to the brim with tangible advice you can use as you deal with the exhaustion of living in a pandemic.
You’ll be hearing from Melissa Dumaz. She is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Best Selling Author of The Love Challenge and hosts The Hats Podcast. She specializes in guiding clients through the complexities of overcoming trauma, grief & loss and improve relationship satisfaction. Melissa sees clients through her Practice, U Help You, where she believes that a healthy you starts with you making new (healthier) choices to live your best life!

Understanding the Pandemic as a Trauma

Melissa and I agreed immediately as we started talking about it – we are over. the. pandemic.

Overall, people are feeling exhausted and ready to move on to “regular life.” You could call that the impact of quarantine fatigue.

“It has changed and impacted all of our lives in so many ways – from the way that we work, the way that we go to school and the way that we interact or don’t interact with people,” Melissa said.

Melissa shared on the Happiness in Progress podcast that it’s important to understand this event as a trauma. She says by understanding this – we can realize we are all in this together.

Impact of quarantine fatigue quote "What we are experiencing is a worldwide or nationwide trauma experience"

“We’re all in this together, meaning that we are all in a traumatic experience together,” she said. With this understanding, we can also started to realize that we are being impacted differently.

It will also remind us to be gentle with ourselves and with others.

For immediate action ideas to deal with this trauma click here to listen to the full podcast.

#131 The Impact of Quarantine Fatigue & How to Overcome It feat. Melissa Dumaz

The Impact of Quarantine Fatigue on Relationships

For the most part, most people don’t spend all day, every day with their significant other. The pandemic has changed that for many people – with more people working from home, homeschooling from home and doing just about everything from home.

Melissa points out that this means people are not getting the downtime they used to – whether that was drive time, being home alone or at the gym.

“So many of our needs that were being met before that maybe we didn’t realize were being met” are not being met now.

This can raise tensions in a household.

Identify What You Need

The first step is to figure out what you need. Melissa advises to figure out what it is that you are missing that was filling your needs before.

That could be anything from exercise time to alone time.

Once you’ve identified it – you’re ready to talk to your spouse.

“This is going to be an opportunity in your relationship where you’re renegotiating about how you run your household, renegotiating about what you do in your relationship and what the other person does and that means a change,” Melissa said as she points out this may likely have to be an intentional conversation with your partner.

Be open and honest – tips on how to start this conversation are included in the conversation – don’t miss the whole thing here!

“When you first said your ‘I dos’ you were not under the impression you would be parenting through a pandemic”

I wanted to ask Melissa about how couples who are parenting may be facing some tough conversations when they don’t necessarily have the same beliefs about the pandemic.

She pointed out – a lot of people may be reevaluating what our beliefs are, particularly what they are as we deal with a pandemic.

For instance – maybe one of you believe we should keep the kids at home, the other wants to send the kids to school. Those are two very different beliefs.

Melissa said it’s very important to be open about what beliefs you have and what fears you have.

“It may be an unhelpful thought or a thought that’s not true, but by sharing it and talking openly about it with the other person that helps you disseminate what it is exactly and what the roots are – and leads to understanding.”

Impact of Quarantine Fatigue quote "What this pandemic is exposing in relationships is those that don't have open communication or those who didn't have that foundation to talk openly with one another"

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