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Design Your Life feat. Jaimee Newberry

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Today you’re going to meet Jaimee Newberry. She’s the founder and CEO of Picture this Clothing (and you get a 20% off code to try the product with the code HAPPINESSINPROGRESS).

Jaimee left the corporate world to focus on her core values. In this episode you’re going to hear how focusing on what was important helped her create the company and life she wanted.

Jaimee has been featured on The Today Show, Huffington Post, Babble, Scary Mommy, TechCrunch and more.

Dealing with Loss and Burnout

Jaimee had a healthy, successful career in 2012 as the director of user experience working for companies like Barnes & Noble and Apple.

Just four months into 2012, Jaimee lost her dad.

“It was like this immediate disconnect. Imagine your job is the balloon and someone comes and cuts the string and you’re just like this limp little noodle that falls to the ground.”

In the midst of loss, grief, burnout and depression – Jaimee knew something needed to change. She started evaluating what she wanted in this life. She continued to ask herself questions like, “‘What are you doing with your life?’ and ‘Am I really putting something valuable in the world? Something positive?’

She continued to work for another year, before taking the risk of leaving the job.

#116 Design Your Life feat. Jaimee Newberry (Happiness in Progress podcast with Danielle Craig)

‘It’s not about what’s next. It’s about what’s important.’

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Those were the words Jaimee needed to hear to take the jump of leaving her job.

She explained to me on the Happiness in Progress podcast that she didn’t have a clear plan for what was next. That’s when her friend said, “It’s not about what’s next. It’s about what’s important.”

She knew what was important.

She left her job without a plan. In that time she created a successful coaching business teaching others about how to deal with burnout.

Jaimee talks about living with her “compass of intention.” She created a list of no more than ten things that direct her life. On the list, you’ll find items like be the best mom I can be and be the best girlfriend I can be. 

You can make your own Compass of Intention. Listen to the podcast for how Jaimee would follow her list over money and how it made all the difference. 

The Birth of Picture This Clothing

As Jaimee followed her “compass of intention” one Christmas break, her daughter drew a picture of a dress. As Jaimee tried to be the best mom she could be, by being a more present mom – she saw this as an opportunity.

She and her daughter went to the craft store and loaded up on craft supplies.

With about $100 and a few days – Jaimee was able to whip up what she describes as a 4H skills-made dress. But her daughter loved it and yelled, “I’m wearing my imagination.”

That moment eventually turned into Picture This Clothing. The company takes a child’s drawing and turns it into a piece of clothing.

This idea turned into the company in about a year’s time. To hear the full story (including how they went viral the day they announced the company), check out the podcast here. 

Jaimee Newberry talks about Picture This Clothing on the Happiness in Progress podcast

It’s All About Action

I love that Jaimee created a company out of nothing. Everyday she actually sees her family’s idea actualized as customers send her emails of their family loving her product.

When I asked Jaimee about this, she pointed out that her company does that for children. It allows them to have an idea and then see it actualized into a piece of clothing. How cool is that?

That’s the first step in teaching our children the practice of taking action to see their ideas become reality.

“Everybody has an idea, everybody wants to do something,” Jaimee said on the podcast.

She went on to give this solid advice – 1) identify what is stopping you and 2) start chipping away at that.

I agree with Jaimee, it doesn’t have to be earth shattering steps to get you to where you want to be. Start taking one step at a time – even half a step if you have to – to follow through with your idea.

The experience of having an idea and bringing it to life - this company is that for kids. - @JaimeeJaimee on watching her idea for @Picturethisco become a reality and now watching children create their own masterpieces through the… Click To Tweet

What Else You’ll Hear on this Podcast episode

  • how Jaimee relied on her experience of designing experiences for customers to design her own life
  • how to combat feelings of burnout
  • why go for the scary things
  • how to keep motivation
  • habit development
  • trading out ‘single mom’ for ‘independent mom’
  • and so much more

Create your own piece of clothing at Picture This Clothing with the 20% off code HAPPINESSINPROGRESS. And check out Jaimee on Facebook, Instagram and her website.

Remember, you can listen to the Happiness in Progress podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, online, the Mail Tribune’s website, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Youtube — and you can even ask Siri or Alexa to “Play the Happiness in Progress podcast.”

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