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Facing Your Shame feat. Kristy Laschober

January 8, 2020

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Kristy Laschober got out of prison about two years ago. She was released from a 60-month federal prison sentence. She has been sharing her soul searching journey with women ever since.

She is about to graduate from Southern Oregon University’s Innovation and Leadership program. She also runs Ashland Fight Night.

In this conversation, you’ll hear how a successful wardrobe stylist ended up in prison. we talk about how shame was at the root of Kristy’s addiction, selling drugs and even winding up in prison. Hear how she learned it’s so important to be seen and how we can start walking out of shame.

“Shame is why I went to prison.”

When Kristy said this, my jaw almost hit the floor. Kristy tells the story of getting addicted to pain medication as a child. It went hand in hand with wanting to control the way she was feeling. 

She thought happy was the only option. If she wasn’t feeling happy, she would turn to medication for relief.

It wasn’t until she tried meth that things really started to spiral.

Kristy says she threw away a business she loved while stuck in the addiction. She also points out that her life wasn’t a mess, her life was great. She was a successful wardrobe stylist.

“I used and I couldn’t stop.” 

Kristy ultimately ended up selling drugs to afford the drugs. That’s when she was caught. 

Although Kristy said she could have asked someone for help, she didn’t.

“I can’t tell anybody because then I have to stop and face all the things I’m running away from in the first place.”

Kristy says the hardest part of being in prison was the shame and being alone.

Hear what Kristy did to be seen in prison and how it inspires her actions with others who need to be seen by clicking here.

The Mental Game of Gratitude in Prison

Kristy says at some point during her stay in federal prison, she started looking for the best in the situation.

She would ask herself what’s the good in this situation? How do I find the positive? 

She also started pretending that she chose her situation. 

At one point, Kristy was working with a mean nurse. To get into her mindset of choosing to be there with that rude nurse, Kristy said to herself, “I know God that this is your child too and he’s probably a pain in your ass as well. I’m just going to trust you and I’m going to pretend that me and him are trying to work together on this”

Within the next few minutes, another nurse came in to work with Kristy.

“Just stop fighting what you’re going through,” she said.

One of the things that seriously impresses me about Kristy is that while she played these mind games, she was able to find abundance in prison. Seriously! ABUNDANCE in a place where you own nothing – not even how you spend your time. Click here to hear the full interview and how Kristy found abundance.

“I’m 54. I don’t have a lot of time to be small.”

Insert praise/raise the roof emoji here. 

Kristy has dedicated her life to helping others walk out of their shame and to start believing in themselves. 

This advocate work puts the women in prison at the center. 

While in prison, Kristy told her mom she estimated if you told the women who had trauma out of the prison – there would only be about 5% left.

Now, Kristy writes to the people she left.

She’s also doing work to help more people go to college post-prison. She is working on a ‘ban the box’ initiative. The box on college applications asks for a prospective student’s criminal history. 

Kristy says applicants “get to the box and shame takes over.”

Now, she is not afraid to move forward with her goals and advocacy work.

In this episode, we also talked about:

– how prison changed Kristy
– tips on walking out of your own shame
– the first thing to do today to face your shame
– why seeing people is so important 

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