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Learning to be a Good Human feat. Lydia Slaby

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“I had to learn how to be a good human inside chaos.” – Lydia Slaby

I had to learn how to be a good human inside chaos. - Lydia Slaby on the Happiness in Progress podcast Click To Tweet

Lydia Slaby is an advocate, speaker and writer who just released her debut memoir this year called Wait, It Gets Worse.

Lydia was living a very successful life as an attorney and married to a husband working on a presidential campaign. But the reality was that her marriage was failingand a doctor’s appointment for stressturned into a Lymphoma diagnosis.

In this conversation, we talk about how Lydia pieced her marriage, career, and life back together – WHILE FIGHTING CANCER.

We talked about how to stay present when life is falling apart, how Lydia deals with her need to be in control and tips that saved her marriage. She talks about tools she’s using to be a good human – more compassionate with others and herself.

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