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Fear of Failure

November 20, 2019

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Would you try a new skill – like dancing? Or piano? Would you open a buisness? Would you start selling homemade earrings out of your home? Would you ask for a higher price for the cupcakes your selling? Or the e-book you wrote? Would you leave a relationship? Ask for a raise? Would you go to an event? Say ‘hi’ to someone? Sign up for a gym membership?

As I’ve been thinking about the fear that comes with doing a lot of things… I realize A LOT of this comes back to “but what will people think?”

In this episode, I’ll talk about how to stop worrying about what people thing. Plus, two tips on how to take action when you’re afraid you’ll fail.


Everything is Figureoutable

Atomic Habits

How Repetition Helps You Get Better

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