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Believing in Her Son Helped this Mom Believe in Herself Feat. Mona Pinon

November 20, 2019

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“With each step I took I was getting rid of of the giants that were holding me back.” – Mona Pinon

With each step I took I was getting rid of of the giants that were holding me back. Click To Tweet

I first met Mona Pinon as a force of motherhood when she decided to build a wheelchair accessible playground for her son. She rallied support from her community behind the so-called “Blue Slide Project.”

Mona works in real estate in southern Oregon and is the mom of five. She’s also in the middle of writing her first book.

In today’s episode – we talk about one of Mona’s greatest skills being an advocate for her children. You’ll learn how that advocacy helped Mona start fighting for herself. Plus, we’ll talk about setting your mindset, waking up with intent and how she learned to finally see her worth.

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