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Courtney Paulk, Mastering the Mental Game

“It’s amazing what changing your perspective just a little bit does to your entire outlook in life.” – Courtney Paulk

Courtney Paulk is a powerhouse in everything she does. In the office, she is the first female president of an 80-lawyer law firm, Hirschler. In her free time she is known for her ultra-distance open water swimming feats.

She is one of only 201 people who has completed the Triple Crown of Open-water swimming… and only the fifth person to do it twice.

Courtney blogs about her feats on her blog Swim & Tonic.

This is such a fun conversation with Courtney because open swimming is so fascinating. She talks a lot about what it’s like to swim for 33 hours straight — and everything that goes into that — the mental game, dealing with disappointments, how gratitude even works when you’ve been swimming in cold water for hours — and hilarious hallucinations.

The conversation bounces back and forth between her work as a lawyer and as a swimmer because so much of what she has learned about herself in the water plays a role in her fast-paced life.

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