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Carly Anderson, #JustWearTheSuit

“It’s not just about the bathing suit. It’s about the fact that so many women feel this way and it’s just ridiculous.”

Today’s guest is one of my favorite bloggers and Instagramers. Carly Anderson is someone who is changing the way women see themselves and what it means to have a swimsuit body.

Carly is the woman behind Lipgloss and Crayons. She is a former elementary school teacher. She’s also the winner of the Iris Award from the Mom 2.0 Community for the 2019 Instagram of the year. She’s also a mom.

What we really focus on today is her movement #JustWearTheSuit. It’s a campaign calling for women of all shapes and sizes to just put the swimsuit on. This has gained so much traction it was recently featured in both Parade and People Magazines.

We talk about a lot including:
– How she had an anxiety attack the first time she put on a swimsuit
– How she went from being a person who had been to the pool a few times as an adult to someone who owns more than 80 swimsuits
– Real tips to start wearing your own swim suit
– How to embrace a thought disrupter when your insecurities are taking over
– Carly’s perspective as a former school teacher who has seen courageous five year olds turn into insecure 12 year olds





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