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Happiness in Progress LIVE!

May 31, 2019

Happiness in Progress with Danielle Craig meets ultimate lady’s night out for Happiness in Progress LIVE!

As women, it is really easy to put ourselves last. It’s reflex. We have to be there for our friends, our kids, our spouse — we are even putting our boss before our own well being.

How did this happen?
After years of this, we’ve trained our minds to believe our worth – is equal to as much time as we’re spending on ourselves.

If it’s not even five minutes – what does that mean we believe about ourselves?

YOU are worth fighting for.

This event will feature podcast guests from episode #08, Shantell Dayton and Lu Crenshaw – creators of Camp17!

We will focus in on your worth.

– Your worth. Not as a business person, a mom, a stay-at-home-mom, a friend, wife or daughter. We will talk about your worth as an individual.

– Taking care of your heart and needs

– Fixing what has been neglected

– Stepping out of busyness

– And YOUR opportunity to ask our guests questions during the LIVE interview

Find out more about what you will get and where to get tickets here. If you’re ready to get tickets NOW – GO HERE!

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