Jessica Garbarino, Getting Out of $56k of Debt

“I’ve had so many more choices in my life than I would have had if I would have stayed in debt.” – Jessica Garbarino

Jessica Garbarino is the founder of Every Single Dollar. She helps people, specifically single women, get a hold of their personal finances. She got start after getting out of $56k. In the first year of her journey – she paid off $26k. She is a coach, speaker and teacher on various financial topics.

We talked about how to get out of debt – the number one places in your budget to save money and where to find extra money. One of my favorite things we talked about are the reasons people say they can’t pay off the debt or save. Why she believes anyone, no matter how much you make, can do this. She tells us about the tools that worked for her and how living a debt free life has improved her lifestyle.

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