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Hacking Your Habits

February 2, 2019

“You don’t need to believe you’re the worst to change. You really need to believe the opposite – that you are capable and can do it.”

In this episode, I talk about the habit loop – how it works and how you can manipulate it to see your own results.

Plus, how to stop hating yourself into change. Negative talk isn’t successful in helping you change behaviors you don’t like. I talk about an easy way to reframe your thoughts about habits you’d like to change.

And finally, keeping momentum as you try to accomplish your goals.

One problem with our goals is they’re so big — it’s hard to make them happen.

Cutting sugar for instance. Most people can’t imagine a life without sugar.

So don’t imagine a life without sugar. 

Imagine a day without sugar.

What if it’s just one day.

I always ask myself “Can I do this for just one day?”


Yes is always the answer because you can do just about anything for just one day.

If you can do it for one day.. maybe you can do it for two.

You just made it two days… I bet you can do that again.

Four days.

Before you know it – you’ve accomplished your goal for a week, for a month… for several months and more.

How can we change our habits into ones that work for us – ESPECIALLY because so many of our habits were established when we were kids and young adults?

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