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#HappierIn2019 Week 4: Focus on Fitness

It is week 4 of the Happier in 2019 challenge and this email is hitting your inbox one day later than I had planned.

I got a little ahead of myself and started planning for the FINANCE month – when I realized – – Wait, we have one more week of January. (So sneak peek here – next month is finances and it is going to be a GREAT GREAT month!!)

In this last week with a focus on our physical health I want to challenge each of you to add fitness into your life.

You can sign up for the challenge and free printables here.


1) Keeps your body at a healthy weight
2) Reduces your blood pressure
3) Decreases your risk of several diseases including type 2 diabetes
4) It helps prevents certain types of cancer
5) It strengthens the heart
6) It can make you feel HAPPIER
7) It’s good for your muscles and bones
8) It can increase your energy levels
9) It can help with your sleep quality
10) Increased brain functions

As I was looking for research about how fitness can benefit our lives – I came across one that said ‘increased brain function.’ It said in just one day you can feel the difference of increased brain function. That is just ONE DAY OF EXERCISE. I talked about that in this Facebook LIVE.

For some great fitness advice, and how to look past counting calories – check out this podcast episode with Meredith Stanford.

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