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A Happier Holiday

The holidays are supposed to be – and probably are generally pretty happy. But it’s such a fine line of happiness.

We straddle this line of expectations and reality.

See, we love giving gifts, but our bank account is drained.

We love being with family, but there’s always that one relative that spoils the fun. Or it’s a reminder that a family member is forever missing from the celebration.

We love the super complex recipe that’s been passed down for generations., but we don’t regularly bake from scratch in 2018 so actually making the recipe happen is stressful.

We love tradition, but we don’t take into account our season in life. Maybe you ALWAYS have an advent calendar but this year the money was low, the time was short, the kids are little, work is busy…. but we still expect 100% delivery on traditions, just how we did it when life was quieter.

In this episode, I talk about three easy ways to make a happier holiday a reality. Hear how altering expectations, giving yourself easy wins and service can help you enjoy this season.

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