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#55 Kerry Wekelo, Bringing Mindfulness into the Workplace

Just about everyone has at least one complaint about their workplace.

That’s where Kerry Wekelo comes in. She’s created a program to help companies turn things around – focusing on communication, work/life balance and bringing wellness into the office.

Kerry is a coach, yoga instructor, award-winning author of Culture Infusion and HR Director at Actualize Consulting. Kerry’s program and insights have been featured on several media outlets, including ABC, NBC, NPR Marketplace, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Inc. and New York Post.

We talk about connecting mindfulness with the workplace. She lets you in on her number one secret to do this – the three ‘P’s. We also chatted about avoiding gossip, what YOU can do if you’re in a workplace that has low morale and how you can bring mindfulness in. She also walks us through a quick breathing exercise you can use in your own day (check it out here!).

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