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#47 Stacey Skrysak: Infertility, Child Loss and Understanding Grief

“Grief is never going to go away. It just comes in waves. It has no limits.”

Stacey Skrysak is a news anchor in Central Illinois, but she says her favorite title is Mom. She is the mother of a miracle triplet and two angels. We’ll talk a lot about her experience with infertility, to then finding out she was expecting triplets – to the lowest low – losing two of those sweet babies after their births.

Stacey’s story has appeared on the Today Show, UpWorthy, Huffington Post,, ABC News and Redbook.

Stacey talks about delivering her triplets at 22 weeks gestation and losing two of those babies. We’ll talk about how she is able to honor her lost children while celebrating her surviving miracle girl.

We talk about what Stacey has learned about grief and how to accept the moments of joy as she simultaneously feels that grief.

And something that’s hard for a lot of us – how to talk to people who have lost someone – specifically a child.

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