#41 Jenna Benton: Taking Risks, Facing Fear & Coping with Loss

“It says a lot about us how we handle risk, how we handle failure, how we handle embarrassment and how we deal with shame.” – Jenna Benton

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jenna Benton. She’s the author of the book, Awkward: A 30 Day Challenge. She’s also the senior editor of The Wild Woman Magazine. Right now, Jenna is working on her next book,  a short film and coaching writers to tell their own stories.

In this episode we talk about:

– Taking risks even when the voices in your head say you can’t do it or you’re not qualified
– We also chat about how to not let fear have a vote in your life
– Jenna opens up about losing her mother just months ago – and how she’s coping after such deep loss.

You can check out Jenna’s Book ‘Awkward’ here or The Wild Woman Magazine here.

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