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#36 Dr. Michael Breus, Getting Better Sleep

Sleep is something many Americans skimp on for work, parenting… or even just to finish a Netflix binge.

In this episode of the Happiness in Progress podcast you’ll hear from “The Sleep Doctor,” Dr. Michael Breus.

Dr. Breus appears regularly on The Dr. Oz Show. He’s been interviewed by Oprah, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Ray and you’ve also seen him on The View, The Doctors, The Today Show and many more. He’s the author of “The Power of When” and “The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan.”

In this episode you’ll hear about Dr. Breus’ top five tips to get better sleep. We’ll talk about what to do if you struggle falling asleep and if you have insomnia.

We’ll also chat about the best time to do everything – from when to have sex to when you should get that daily caffeine to maximize your energy. And I’ll give you a hint – it’s not first thing in the morning.

You can listen to this episode on iTunes, Stitcher (great for Android listeners!) or on the web. You can also listen by clicking the play button at the top of this post.

Are you interested in some of the products we talked about? Here they are – Melatonin TabletsBLU Energy Light Therapy and The Power of When.

Other links interested in our conversation: Sleep CalculatorThe Power of When Quiz, The Sleep Doctor Blog and More on Melatonin.

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