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3 Takeaways/Book Review: Girl, Wash Your Face

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Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be
by Rachel Hollis

Holy cow!

Ladies, if you haven’t read (or listened!) to this book yet – it’s time to stop everything you’re doing and pick it up. Yes, even if you haven’t read a book since the Twilight series – it’s time.

This is my first “book review” on the blog and I want to tell you – I’m using the word “review” lightly.

Rather than tell you how good or bad it is – I want to tell you about my big three takeaways. I hope it will inspire you to grab the book (you can do that here!).

  1. Stop Breaking Promises to Yourself
    Every pep-talk Rachel gives you in the book includes inspiring stories of her own struggles and overcoming. She talks a lot about what women routinely do. We play the martyr. We’re the martyr mom and we keep our promises to every other person we have ever met, but not ourselves.You have to hear her powerful words on how to make yourself a priority. It’s not just simply, “Hey guys, make yourself a priority.” She explains HOW and WHY you’ve gotta do this today.Since reading this part of the book – I haven’t broken one promise to myself. I haven’t eaten any sugar, I’ve exercised when I planned to – and look I’m even writing a blog post like I had planned.
  2. Quit the Negative Self Talk
    I’m tempted to say this is one of the most powerful messages in the book, but almost everything carries the same weight. For me, this book was a huge ‘ah-ha’ moment in how my brain continuously beats myself up.We all have inner critics. That’s normal. But we have to shut them up faster than they bring us down.Rachel gives us the tools to do that.This quote stuck with me, “A lifetime of believing your value or lack there of is determined by your body or your face or your whatever – means you’ve got a lifetime of negative talk in your head playing on repeat.”Sound familiar?
  3. Don’t Play Small
    Rachel talks specifically about why she started playing small to begin with, but overall this book is about living large. This book is about really sinking into who you are, putting an end to excuses, owning your story and shouting it out loud.

If you have doubt, if you can’t follow through, if you’re not living life as big as you want to – this is the book for you.

I’ve recommended this book to every woman I know (even women I don’t know that well!). It also inspired me to grab tickets to Rachel’s upcoming documentary.

I listened to her book on Audible, a sponsor of the Happiness in Progress podcast. Rachel reads it and it’s incredible. She uses words like “girl” and “mama” and you really get the feeling she’s talking to you. You can get your free trial membership here. You get one free book – seriously, do yourself a favor and make it Girl, Wash Your Face.

You can also snag the book on Amazon here.


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