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#26 Artesha Downing-Spencer, Finding Purpose After Stillbirth

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I’m excited to introduce you to Artesha Downing-Spencer.We talked about some really difficult stuff, like I said while we were talking, difficult isn’t even a big enough word for what Artesha and her husband went through. But still, I loved getting to know her. Her perspective is powerful and insightful.

Artesha lost her son when she was seven months pregnant. The stillbirth sent her into a dark place.

As a high school counselor, she knew she needed help. But now, she wants to help others. She started Peyton’s Purpose, named for her son. Through the organization she sends out care packages to women suffering pregnancy loss. These packages have gone all over the world – as far as South Africa and New Zealand. She’s also been on “The Real” to talk about her non-profit.

I talked to Artesha about what it was like to lose a child, finding purpose in his life and founding Peyton’s Purpose. Of course, we talked about the rainbow in this story – the adoption of her second son, Mason. 

You can donate to Peyton’s Purpose here or request a care package for someone suffering pregnancy loss here.

This is the book, Always Within; Grieving the Loss of Your Infant, Artesha sends out as part of her care packages.

This conversation is worth your time. You can listen to it by clicking on the play button at the top of this post – or by heading to  iTunes, Google Play Music or online.

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