Episode 19: Jennifer Borget, Individuality & Cherishing Motherhood

Jennifer Borget is the brain behind Cherish365.com. When she first started blogging she was the Baby Making Machine.

You’ve seen Jennifer on Huffington Post, Baby Center, the Today Show and much much more. I wanted to have Jennifer on because she is so good at really cherishing the moment especially with her kids. But as she does – she’s able to also focus on herself as an individual. We talk a lot about that – maintaining individuality in motherhood.

We also talk about what it’s like for Jennifer being in the middle of what’s causing a lot of contention in our country – she’s a black woman, married to a white police officer… while raising bi-racial children. Hear how being in this situation has taught her compassion and empathy.

You can check out the whole episode on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and by clicking the play button above. Don’t forget to check out Jennifer’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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