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Live with Intention, Living On Purpose

March 23, 2018

What is intention?

Deepak Choprah’s daughter, Mallika says it’s more than a goal. She says a goal comes from the mind, intent comes from the soul.

In Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday conversation with Gary Zukav he talks about understanding intention involves cause and effect. Zukav told Oprah, “The intention is the cause.”

Why are we not living with intention?

We are so busy. I’ve talked a lot about this – because this was the trap I was living in. This merry-go-round of insanity, trying to keep my head above water just to get my kid to school on time and have dinner on the table.


Randall Ridd said, “Too often we passively follow patterns and habits that have been developed through the years – we just go though the motions without carefully considering where those motions are taking us. Living with real intent adds focus and purpose to our lives and can make all he difference.”

This happened to Mallika Chopra. On her website, she writes, “Yes, even a Chopra can find herself out of balance, unhealthy and wondering if my daily actions have any meaning or purpose.”

PURPOSE. That need for purpose kind of knocked me out of that chaos of busyness I was living in.

When I miscarried last March… I questioned it all – my purpose.

Who am I?

A mom?

A wife?

A journalist?

A sister?

A daughter?

The answer to this can come if we get in alignment. I talked about this in the Year of You Episode.

Oprah said “So many people are living a life with no intention whatsoever, and are not on purpose.”


To hear how I believe we’re giving up our intention with something many of us do everyday – check out this episode on iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher.


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