Episode 17: Rachelle Chapman, True Love & Positivity After Paralysis

Some of you will remember Rachelle Chapman as the “paralyzed bride,” nicknamed by the media. Rachelle broke her neck in a freak accident on the night of her bachelorette party in 2010.

That night she was pushed into a pool by one of her bridesmaids. On the podcast, she talks about how quickly she realized something was wrong, how her fiancé, now-husband stood by her and the challenges she’s faced since.

We also talk about the great joy in her life, her daughter, but even having a child came with criticism from people online.

Rachelle has been featured on the Today Show, People magazine, ABC News, USA Today and many more media outlets. TLC also documented her life as a new mother last year. She wrote about her experience in the book “The Promise.

To hear how she stays positive and to give yourself some slack when you’re stuck in something negative click here for iTunes. Google Play Music or  Stitcher.

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