Happiness in Progress

Feeling the Love

“The time you went out of your way to…”
“If there were a mountain named after you, it would be called…”

These are the kind of questions I’ve been answering as I fill out a book called, 642 Things About You (That I Love) for my husband for Valentine’s Day.

The practice of filling out all the things I love about my husband is making me love him even more. Okay, actually – it’s just reminding me why I love him.

Our relationship like others – has had its moments, both high and low.

But the turning point was when I thought I was going to lose him. Paramedics were at our house when his heart stopped beating while attached to monitors. Several seconds flatlining in our own house. The paramedics gave him medicine – his heart started beating. He’s okay. Doctors believe he will keep being okay.

But that experience has changed me, my time with him – and really my time with all of my loved ones.

That experience was like a wake-up call. It happened at a time when I was choosing to be unhappy, when I was working on billions and billions of projects instead of stopping to connect with him, when I was quick to be annoyed and slow to live in the present with him.

Our relationship is better than ever right now. A big part of that is what I learned in those moments – to live in the present, to put my phone down, to make eye contact, to listen, to forgive. To not sweat the small stuff.

In this time, I’ve realized a relationship isn’t 50/50, it’s two people giving 100%.

There is so much research to back this up. I talk about that research and the top things you can do today for a happy relationship, in today’s episode. You can find it on iTunes, Google Play Music or Stitcher.

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