Live for Today

Have you ever had these thoughts?

I will be happier when I’m engaged.
I will be happier when I have kids.
I will be happier when my kids are older.
I will be happier when I get that promotion.
I will be happier when I make more money.
I will be happier when I complete a goal.
I will be happier when I lose 20 pounds.
I will be happier when I have a bigger house.
The list can go on and on… you’ll always be happier when.

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

Happiness is not the end goal. It’s what we experience along the ways.

Shawn Achor the CEO of Good Think Inc. gave the most incredible TED talk. He talked about how as a society we believe that if we work harder, than we’ll be more successful – and if we’re more successful – we’ll be happier.

He says The problem is – we change the goal post.

I’ve seen this in my own life – I’ll be happier when I graduate, when I work in TV, when I’m on TV, when I’m in a bigger market.

Shawn says “If happiness is on the opposite side of success, your brain never gets there.”

He says we need to have happiness in the present. He says being positive in the present will help us be more successful.

To hear more about how to stop living for the “when” and start living and enjoying NOW – check out episode 14 of my podcast, Happiness in Progress on iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher.

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