Episode 10: Loving Recklessly, Childhood Cancer Survivor Starts Non-Profit to Help Kids Fighting Cancer

“If you look at your life right now and wonder if it’s ever going to mean something, just be reckless in your love.” – Manny Munoz

Manny Munoz is a childhood cancer survivor who started a non-profit called Gamerosity. It’s a crowd-funding platform that gives out what it calls hero packages to heroes — kids stuck in the hospital fighting cancer nationwide.

The name of his non-profit is fitting because Manny is possibly the most generous human being I have ever met.  He lives SO authentically and by phrases like “love recklessly” and “hustle kindness.”

You guys are going to love what he has to say about failure, death — and what it’s like advocating for children going through their worst moments in life when he went through the same thing — when he was a teenager.

Listen to the full interview by clicking above or on iTunes, Androidor Stitcher.

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