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Calming the Chaos with Meditation

January 6, 2018

There was a time when human beings would just be. We would walk outside on our farms and stare up at the stars and contemplate our place in the world. We would sit by a fire we built ourselves and just stare at it crackling and popping – not necessarily thinking of anything. Throughout time, humans have been doing things without entertainment.

Now, we are constantly connected, constantly plugged in. A friend of mine told me she doesn’t even walk from the parking lot into work without music playing from her iPhone.

We aren’t giving our brain any¬†time.

Hence, this trendy new thing – mindfullness.

I recently discovered meditation and it changed everything. I could once again breathe.

To hear more about how just five minutes of peace can change your life (no seriously, your life) and how to get started – listen to episode 11 of Happiness in Progress on iTunes, Android or Stitcher.

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