Perspective in Practice

Perspective is SUCH a powerful thing. When we can understand we are not the sun and the world is not revolving around us – it allows us to look outside of ourselves and our story. When we understand our scenario is not the worst, we are given strength to overcome.

In news, I have met so many incredible human beings who are great examples of this.

Life is hard, impossible even. As a reporter, I would typically end up on the doorstep of someone living a worse case scenario. In episode 5, I told you about a teenager who is up against a cancer with very many treatment answers. Even though doctors don’t have a clear answer – she told me she didn’t feel sorry for herself, or sulk or let the weight of her situation crush her. The reason – she realized someone was out there dealing with something worse.

Perspective can empower us with gratitude.

By remembering our situation isn’t the worst case – we can be thankful for what we do have, even in the worst of times.

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