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Episode 2: Alissa Parker, Healing After Sandy Hook

November 4, 2017

I had the incredible opportunity to talk to Alissa Parker.

She’s a Mom to three girls – Emilie, Madeline and Samantha. But when her oldest daughter, Emilie was just 6 years old — she lost her life. Emilie was one of the first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary who was shot and killed when a gunman walked into the classroom.

After her daughter was killed, Alissa co-founded two non-profits Safe and Sound Schools which we talk about in this podcast and The Emilie Parker Art Connection.

Alissa has also written a book about her beautiful daughter… and how Alissa has found healing and hope. It’s such a beautiful book – it’s called An Unseen Angel: A mothers story of faith, hope and healing aftter Sandy Hook.


I loved reading it and I loved talking to Alissa. I was almost taken aback at how well she seems to be doing. But as you’ll hear she says it is something they have worked hard for. We talk about so much, including taking back control when so much of her control was taken, the anxiety she has dealt with in sending her other daughters to school.. and what she means when she says she’s forgiven the shooter.

You can hear the conversation by clicking here.

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