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Why My Kids Aren’t Wearing Easter Outfits

My Easter game is lacking this year. Easter was late, but still somehow my kids didn’t end up with Easter outfits and – brace for it – they didn’t even decorate hardboiled eggs.

I know.

Okay, so I didn’t get the boys color-cordinated outfits with matching caps and knee-length socks. BUT I did have the plan to put them in spring-colored button up shirts. Maybe I’d even throw in an old bow tie for good measure.


Behold, our irreverent way to celebrate Easter – Transformers and Paw Patrol.

So fail of not buying outfits aside – how did my dreams of their Sunday best turn into – well, this.


Notice the ‘basket’ – he couldn’t find one he was happy with so made his own space basket with a drink holder. Such a creative guy.

That smile. That’s how.

My cute boy was so excited for his Easter egg hunt he got ready before I’d even poured cereal.

He ran into the living room wearing a well-loved Transformers t-shirt and black pants – and don’t forget his huge smile. He was ready to go.

The first words that came to mind – ‘Can you change into that light blue button up shirt you wore to church last week?’

Two words in “Can you — ”

I switched course.

“… go get a t-shirt for your brother too? Great job getting ready!”

And I give you — Paw Patrol.


Sometimes, as adults, I think we’re so caught up in how things are supposed to go, what pictures Pinterest tells us to get and how to make sure everything is perfect. It’s so easy to get so lost in perfection, we can lose the benefits of imperfection.

I could have shut J and his outfit down, but instead I gave him a pat on the back and we moved forward. What would have a Transformers shaming felt like for his little 5-year-old soul?

Instead, he was empowered to do things on his own. He learned 1) he doesn’t need me to choose his clothes and 2) he can make good choices.

I’m not saying there aren’t times it’s appropriate to switch your child’s outfit. I’m not even saying that if Easter is your dress-up day it shouldn’t be (if this is the tradition you can’t miss – keep it up!).

I’m just saying – if you can’t make everything happen every time – it’s okay to give a little. It’s okay to let our kids succeed… even when they’re a little off the mark.

For me, for us, on this particular day – it was just the give we needed.


And by the way – we are totally coloring eggs this weekend. And we’re all going to be okay.

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